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"the freedom series"

"Passion For Freedom" - 2010 Art Competition - my entry

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one law for all - "No Sharia Campaign 2010"
One Law For All
exhibited 21-27 Nov 2010 at
4 Gallery-UK


1-18 September 2010
opening night September 1 6-8pm

"The Collective" regroup at Red Gallery

The Collective Blog Spot

BSG Painting 10A July 2010

2-14 July 2010

Selected Group Exhibition
see my full entry

Baleful Worship - Submission (detail)

"The Collective" a NEW Melbourne Art Group
Inaugral Exhibition

2-12 September 2009

The Collective Blog Spot

Surrealism Exhibition for Melbourne, Australia

Humanist Transhumanist ~ An Umbrella and Two Surrealists

17 June - 5 July 2009

Guildford Lane Gallery

With new works by
Surrealist Artists

Demetrios Vakras & Lee-Anne Raymond

Buy the Catalogue - Available for review and puchase!

surrealist catalogue manifesto

Invitation card
Humanist Transhumanist an Umbrella and Two Surrealists

Review of Guildford Lane Gallery - NEW

This page was censored by iiNet Australia 7th June 2011. Previously Ilysis-Myob had cencored it.
Worse, Australia's main telco Telstra recently disconnected us from the WWW completely. During this period of disconnection my domain was hijacked. More on this:

Robert Cripps of Guildford Lane Gallery is suing me and my co-exhibitor Demetrios Vakras for providing an honest review of our experiences with him and his gallery and the debacle he made of our exhibition held there in 2009 (see above review).

The actions of a host provider let alone a telco to do this amounts to censorship and a SLAPP and makes a pre-judgment about a matter not yet decided by the courts. What's next Telstra, pulling your customer's services based upon an untested complaint about their telephone conversations and emails? Safe harbor? perhaps not for long with actions like this. As we hosted our own websites any ISP should have experienced a little shiver in their digital bones with this outcome.
my blog has some light reading on the nature of a chilling effect and this SLAPP

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Opening Night Pics

New Exhibition for November 2003
Nov 10 ~ 22

Opening night 12 November 2003, 6pm - 8pm
@ Intrude2
114 Gertrude St, Carlton, Melbourne, Australia
Exhibition runs Nov 10 - 22 2003

April 2002

2Artists at 4Cats

A duo show of paintings by myself and Demetrios Vakras

Opening night 10 April 2002, 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Exhibition runs 9 April - 27 April 2002

4 Cats is located at:
269 Johnston St, Abbotsford, Melbourne

A new exhibition opportunity to see some works if you are in Melbourne.

The group show, comprising the works of 10 artists, is at Mansour + Hill Galleries, 171 Latrobe Street, Melbourne.

The exhibition runs from Tuesday 31st July to 11th August.

Opening night is from 6-8PM Tuesday 31st July, 2001.

My second solo exhibition opened Thursday 5th April through to Tuesday 1st May 2001.

"Contemporary Urban Desires"

Showed at the CASspace Windows at 546-564 Collins Street in Melbourne.

The images below provide some idea of what it looked like. They are not the best but it was a rush job.