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Links below are to online references and to books (my recommendations available on Amazon - except for Dalí & Giger,
on whom very many books exist).

René Magritte
Magritte book

Salvador Dalí

Yves Tanguy
Tanguy book

Max Ernst
Ernst book

Remidios Varo
Varo book 1
Varo book 2

Ernst Fuchs
Fuchs book

Vali Myers
Myers book

H. R. Giger

The Symbolists were the precursors to the surrealists:
must have] Symbolists & Symbolism by Robert L. Delevoy
Concise enyclopaedia of Symbolism Jean Cassou
A Dictionary of Surrealism José Pierre
Surrealists & Surrealism Gaëtan Picon
Phaidon encyclopedia of surrealism René Passeron
SURREALISM Uwe M. Schneede

We all know that Steve Job's iPad is an iDud. Below are some of the sites that you will not see using the iDud
(or any of the other "i" devices by Apple):

~NOTE: all of the above sites work flawlessly on mobile devices running Android 2.1~

Apple's television advertising of their iPad in Australia claimed "all the world's websites in your hands". Apple knows this is a deceptive misleading claim; well before the airing of these advertisements Jobs had already asserted that his mobile devices will not now, or ever, load Flash sites. Jobs wrote this in April 2010 "Thoughts on Flash" .

In the UK Apple made the same claim about the iPhone. The UK's "Advertising Standards Authority" found, in summary, that Apple's claims were deceptive/misleading ( These advertisements were pulled.

I made a complaint to Australia's regulating body ... which, in typical Australian fashion, came up with an excuse to do nothing and allowed these deceptive advertisements to continue.

Despite Jobs' antipathy toward Flash, users of his company's devices have demonstrated that Flash functionality is something that many want. When the (partially) Flash-capable SkyFire browser launched on Apple's "App Store" it it sold 100 thousand copies in a few hours, and hundreds of thousand copies since; despite SkyFire's limited Flash-player support which does not allow users to navigate those sites which can only be navigated via Flash-player. Other tablet manufacturers such as Samsung (Galaxy) are, unlike Apple, manufacturing tablets which are fully compliant with Flash-player 10.1. And, as I type this, previews of RIM's forthcoming "Playbook" show that it too offers Adobe Flash. Increasingly, Apple is isolated in its stance

non-art links:
Ours is a cruel species. The stupidity of religion convinces some of our own kind that a human blastocyst is of divine worth, yet an animal, even one which is genetically nearly us, is expendable. In the Judaic/Christian sacred text the delusion propounded is one of an imaginary god creating animals solely for humans to harvest. It is this religious delusion which underpins the culture of vivisection in a society that pays lipservice to being secular. In other countries bile is 'harvested' from caged, living, bears... until the animal is slowly killed... One wonders why..., for in a country like Buddhist Vietnam, it would mean they are torturing another human soul reincarnated as a "lower" life-form... , but maybe their Buddhist delusion convinces them that this terrible fate is warranted; after-all, to come back as a lower life-form means that this "soul" must have committed something terrible in their previous incarnation and thus deserves this miserable fate....(...yes they "milk" bile from bears in China too... .... China..., the land in which the practice of "traditional medicine" is bringing many species to the brink of extinction ... like the rhinoceros of which 97% have been exterminated from 1970 to 1990 simply because of a moronic Chinese belief that the essence of an animal's 'power' can somehow be absorbed by the consumption of the body part symbolising this power, which in the case of the rhino is its horn. The west aids this extermination in its support of such dumbfoundingly stupid voodoo by credulously peddling the fantasy that Chinese traditional medicine is merely "herbal" ... ) 

As humans we are represented against cruelty from our own kind by bodies such as Amnesty International, but Amnesty is essentially politicised which utterly diminishes the legitimate causes it pursues...

[NOTE: the views expressed are entirely my own and do not represent the opinions or views of the sites below.]

Chimp Haven. These guys have been used as crash test dummies for NASA; and infected with Hepatitis strains in biomedical research, etc. Their DNA only differs from ours by just over 1 per cent; they can be taught to sign and can thus communicate with us. However, that does not seem to equate to their having any rights ... Chimp Haven gives sanctuary to these fellows.

World Society for the Protection of Animals

This is the Australian site of the WSPA. (There are links to WSPA sites in other countries) 

Anyone wishing to save our own species from the cruelty of members of our own kind can assist Médecins Sans Frontières by visiting their site... 


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