Late in 2001 Texan writer David L. Kilpatrick contacted me about designing the cover for his third novel "CUQUI". With two successful books already behind him David had chosen to stretch himself with a change in genre and style. Upon reading an excerpt he had sent through I was immediately impressed by his visually captivating writing style. I set about trying to do justice to this in my design. The finished painting shown below links to the abridged rundown of this journey from the creature creation through to the cover design.

Plus follow the links provided to David's own website where I urge you go to find out more about his other novels and exploits. I commend him on his bravery and on producing a truly scary horror novel. You can find out more on "CUQUI" (and the Author) here David's CUQUI webpage
"Cuqui" is now available on Amazon along with Kilpatrick's other books!.

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Sweetdreams II - Cuqui Nightmare