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Ever since we held an exhibition in Guildford Lane Gallery of Melbourne in 2009, the owner of that gallery, Robert Cripps, has caused us many problems.

Our websites have been disabled by successive ISPs in Australia.

The latest problem was that on the instructions of the solicitors acting for Robert Cripps, Australia's primary telco, Telstra, disconnected us from the internet. Worse still, using the cover of this disconnection, our domains were hijacked. This is still under police investigation.

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Australia is a nation in which the citizen has none of the rights guaranteed to the citizens of other nations. There are no constitutional safeguards for Australian citizens. Indeed, Australia has no constitution to speak of, other than an English Act of Parliament signed into law by Queen Victoria of England in 1900.

This English Act of Parliament was supposed to have been modelled on the constitution of the USA. And a poor immitation of that it is.

This website is hosted on U.S.A. servers.

U.S.A. servers cannot be compelled to remove it because Australian defamation law, as it now stands, is illegal. Like UK libel law, Australia's defamation law, is defined as "LIBEL TERRORISM" in the U.S.A. because of its failure to protect the right to freedom of expression.